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Until now the biggest problem with betting Football, it is a bit of a feast or famine.

When the big guns like England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Holland are playing, there are games galore.

Then it is a famine, through May until September really as they have a rest from Home and Away games.

Well "Football Lays", tackles this issue, by being able to be used on the bigger off season leagues, like Brazil, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

So there you have it an all year round system.

This method is very simple to use, and uses exchanges only (Lay Bets) and keeps the liability low.

It has a staking amount to bet each game, and a rule on the price.

It is really a Bet Football system by numbers, it is so easy to follow.

And all the information you need is totally free.

There is no inplay betting, everything can be done days before the games are played.

All you need is a Betfair or exchange account where you can place Lay Bets (bet against an outcome happening)

The European season is getting into the settling stage now where teams are bedding in the players and the competitions are taking shape, and the time is now cherry ripe, to start the Football Lays strategy now.




New results at the bottom of the page.

Off Season Results. From 16th May to 8th December 2012 (completed).

Leagues in this group. Finland, Brazil, Norway and Sweden

Profit is 244 points, Strike Rate 50%

Return on Investment: 15%

We bet on 350 Games



Profit is 244 points, Strike Rate 50%

Return on Investment: 15%

We bet on 350 Games



European 2011-12 Season Results. From 27th August 2011, to 20th May 2012.

Leagues in this group. Eng Premier, Eng Champ, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, & Spain

Profit is 564 points, Strike Rate 45%

We bet on 889 Games

Very interesting Pattern for the European Season 2011-2012


Profit is 564 points, Strike Rate 45%

Return on Investment: 23%

We bet on 889 Games





Here is the 2014-15 season

Method 2 (Added after release).

Using the Multiple Staking (Liability under 10.00 total)

Method 2, is doing well and is easy to use, bets made early, so no waiting around.



What are you getting here?

1. Football Lays System you can use on most major leagues.
2. In a exe file, like our other products, must have windows, on your PC.
3. Email Support from us to help you.
4. You need a Betfair or exchange account, no bookies.
5 All the information you need is free on the net.
6 Not inplay, plenty of time to place your bets
7 Full Results, of all bets for the past season.

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